2017 litter

IC Sweetfellow Violette-Florine (Maj Gull) and CH Medinadolls Vincent have got four kittens. They are born 19:th of June 2017. It is one boyS*Eurovisions My Friend [Croatia 2017] and three girls S*Eurovisions Beautiful Mess [Bulgaria 2017] S*Eurovisions Keep The Faith [Georgia 2017] and S*Eurovisions Occidentali's Karma [Italy 2017]. The theme this time are entries from Eurovision 2017!

S*Eurovisions My Friend 9 weeks

S*Eurovisions Beautiful Mess, 9weeks, blue bicolour girl

S*Eurovisions Keep The Faith, 9 weeks

S*Eurovisions Occidentali's Karma, 9 weeks seal colourpoint girl

Parents of 2017 litter

IC Sweetfellow Violette-Florine (Maj Gull) & CH S*Medina Dolls Vincent Thank You Stephanie and Eva!

Maj Gull with newborn kittens!

2017-litter, 11 weeks old

2017-litter, 4 weeks old