2018 litter

IC S*Eurovisions September Golden Rose SC S*DanDaras Ossian kittens was born the 14:th of June 2018. Two boys and one girl. all are blue bicolours. The name of the girl is S*Eurovisions La Forza [Estonia 2018] and the name of the two boys are S*Eurovisions Toy [Israel 2018] and S*Eurovisions Fuego [Cyprus]. And the theme of this litter is 2018:)

S*Eurovisions Toy, 6 weeks old

S*Eurovisions La Forza 6 weeks old

S*Eurovisions Fuego, 6 weeks old

Sweet S*Eurovisions Fuego 3 weeks

Parents of the 2018 litter

SC S*DanDaras Ossian & IC S*Eurovisions September Golden Rose

S*Eurovisions La Forza 7 weeks old

S*Eurovisions Toy 7 weeks old

S*Eurovisions 2018-litter all together