S*Eurovisions One Day and SE*Alicendy’s Troy kittens were born 28:th of April 2020. They are all girs in the colourvariety, The theme of this litter is 2020. The year the final was cancelled. We wish to dedicate the artists and songs with this litter. The combination had been done before, in 2018, our Loo-litter.The name of the kittens are: S*Eurovisons All of My Love [Malta 2020], S*Eurovisions Cleopatra[Azerbaijan 2020] and S*Eurovisions Superg!rl[Greece 2020]. Thank You Susanna Hansson for trusting us again!

S*Eurovisons All of My Love 6 weeks stays in cattery

S*Eurovisons All of My Love 4 weeks

S*Eurovisions Cleopatra 6 weeks, sold

S*Eurovisions Cleopatra 4 weeks

Parents of the 2020-litter

SE*Alicendy’s Troy och S*Eurovisions One Day

S*Eurovisions Superg!rl 6 weeks stays in cattery

S*Eurovisions Superg!rl

2020-litter all together 4 weeks old.