American litter

There are 3 kittens in this litter. They were born 3 June 2011 and we call it the American litter. The kittens have as usual got their names from Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The theme this time is american cities found as titles in the ESC! All of the kittens are boys: S*Eurovisions Colorado (Blue bicolour), S*Eurovisions San Francisco (Seal bicolour) and S*Eurovisions Las Vegas (Seal bicolour)!

S*Eurovisions Colorado 6 weeks old!

S*Eurovisions San Francisco 7 weeks old!

S*Eurovisions Las Vegas 3 weeks old!

Parents of American litter

S*Eurovisions Diamond of Night "Dimma" & (N)Diadems Eddie

Dimma with kittens!

All the kittens together


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