Antique litter

There are 3 kittens in this litter. They are born 20 April 2012 and we call them the Antique litter. As usual the names come from song in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The common theme is names from the Antique Greece and the songs are also from this years final. There are two blue mitted girls; S*Eurovisions Euphoria [Sweden 2012 - ESC winner] and S*Eurovisions Echo [France 2012] and a blue bicolour boy; S*Eurovisions Aphrodisiac [Greece 2012]!

The litter 5 weeks old!

S*Eurovisions Echo, S*Eurovisions Aphrodisiac and S*Eurovisions Euphoria 7 weeks old!

The litter 8 weeks!

S*Eurovisions Aphrodisiac

Parents of Antique litter

S*Eurovisions Diamond of Night "Dimma" & SE*Candy Dolls Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Dimma with kittens one day old!

S*Eurovisions Euphoria & S*Eurovisions Echo

The sisters together!


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