S*Eurovisions All of My Love "Mysan" and PL*Raggato Helios three girls were born the 13:th of February 2022. One of the girls is bluetabby bicolour, S*Eurovisions Soldi [Italy 2019] and the two blue bicolour girls are S*Eurovisions Bank of Joy [Iceland 1986] and S*Eurovisions Euro Neuro[Montenegro 2012]. The theme for the kittens is bank according to the titels of the songs.

S*Eurovisions Bank of Joy 6 weeks "Joy"

S*Eurovisions Bank of Joy 5 weeks "Joy"

S*Eurovisions Euro Neuro 6 weeks "Eureka"

S*Eurovisions Euro Neuro 5 weeks "Eureka"

Parents of the banklitter

S*Eurovisions All of My Love & PL*Raggato Helios

S*Eurovisions Soldi "Soldi" 6 weeks

S*Eurovisions Soldi "Soldi" 5 weeks

The kittens in Banklitter together 5 weeks