Bible litter

The kittens were born the 9:th of March 2008. There are four kittens. All the kittens have as usual got their names from the Eurovision Song Contest and this time we have chosen a Bible theme. Links behind the title. There are S*Eurovisions Samson [Belgium 1981], blue colourpoint lynx boy, S*Eurovisions Genesis [Cyprus 1998], blue bicolour boy, S*Eurovisions Maria Magdalena [Austria 1993] & [Croatia 1999], seal bicolour lynx girl and S*Eurovisions Ben Adam [Israel 1988], blue colurpoint boy.


Samson, Maria Magdalena, Ben Adam & Genesis 6 weeks old


Ben Adam, Maria Magdalena, Genesis & Samson 7 weeks old


Genesis, Samson, Maria Magdalena & Ben Adam 10 weeks old


Genesis, Samson, Ben Adam & Maria Madgalena 11 weeks old

Parents of Bible litter

Diva & Pepino

IC Raggartassens Diva &
S*Chorotegas Pepino

Diva & kittens

Diva with kittens

Genesis & Benji

S*Eurovisions Ben Adam & S*Eurovisions Genesis

Magda & Samson

S*Eurovisions Maria Magdalena & S*Eurovisions Samson


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