The kittens were born 25:th January 2018. They are 5 kittens in the litter. All the kittens have got their names from Eurovision entries with Citynames in the title. The name of the kittens are S*Eurovisions Verona (the only girl in the litter), S*Eurovisions Venedig im Regen, S*Eurovisions Once in Stockholm, S*Eurovisions Journey to Jerusalem and finally S*Eurovisions Amsterdam.

S*Eurovisions Verona, seal colourpoint girl

S*Eurovisions Venedig im Regen, blue colourpoint boy

S*Eurovisions Once in Stockholm, blue mitted boy

Parents of Citylitter

S*Eurovisions Lasha Tumbai and S*Jörgårdens Jörgårdens MX Alfa Xbox

S*Eurovisions Citylitter

S*Eurovisions Reise nach Jerusalem, seal mitted boy

S*Eurovisions Amsterdam, blue mitted boy