Dream litter

The kittens were born 20/4-23. It is five kittens in the litter. All the kittens have got their names from the entries in the Eurovision Song Contest with the theme of "Dream" . We have two blue bicolour boys, S*Eurovisions The Dream [Croatia 2019] and S*Eurovisions Visionary Dream[Georgia 2007], one blue bicolour girl S*Eurovisons In My Dreams [Norway 2005], and two blue mitted boys S*Eurovisions No Dream Impossible [UK 2001] and S*Eurovisions Carry Me in Your Dreams [Albania 2008].

S*Eurovisions The Dream, boy - reserved

S*Eurovisions Visionary Dream, boy -reserved

S*Eurovisions Carry Me in Your Dreams, boy reserved

Parents of Dream litter

CH S*Eurovisions Didai Didai Dai JW and IC SE*Alicendy´s Herman are the proud parents of our Dreamlitter. Super thanks for this boy dear Susanna Hansson.

S*Eurovisions No Dream Impossible, boy - reserved

S*Eurovisions In My Dreams, girl - reserved

S*Eurovisions Dreamlitter