4 Element litter

The litter was born the 3:rd of February 2009. The litter contains of four kittens. The kittens have as usual got their names from entries in the Eurovision Song Contest and this time the theme is the four elements. The girls are: S*Eurovisions In The Air Of Vienna (original title: Nur In der Wiener Luft - Austria 1962), S*Eurovisions Heaven And Earth (original title: Hemel En Aarde - Netherlands 1998) and the boys are: S*Eurovisions Amor d' Agua Fresca (Portugal 1992) and S*Eurovisions Fire in Your Eyes (Israel 2008).

S*Eurovisions In The Air Of Vienna

S*Eurovisions Heaven And Earth

S*Eurovisions Amor d'Agua Fresca

S*Eurovisions Fire In Your Eyes

Parents of 4 Element litter

Diva & Tommi

IC Raggartassens Diva &
GIC S*Angelic Dolls Tom Hanks

Diva & kittens

Diva with kittens

The elementlitter four weeks old

The elementlitter nine weeks old



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The boys 2 weeks old

Bubblan, Ärtan, August & Fire - 11 weeks old


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