Fame litter

There are 4 kittens in this litter. They were born 6 June 2011 and we call it the Fame litter. They have got their names from songs in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The theme this time is famous people found as songtitles in ESC! S*Eurovisions Socrates (Blue colourpoint boy), S*Eurovisions Halley (Blue colourpoint boy), S*Eurovisions Charlie Chaplin (Blue bicolour boy) and S*Eurovisions Mona Lisa (Blue bicolour girl)!

S*Eurovisions Socrates

S*Eurovisions Halley

S*Eurovisions Charlie Chaplin

Parents of Fame litter

CH S*Eurovisions Fairytale "Saga" & Stenstagårdens Thayer

Saga with kittens

S*Eurovisions Mona Lisa


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