S*Eurovisions All of Love and S*Medina`s Dolls Unicorne kittens was born the 25:th of May of 2021. Two boys, a blue tabby bicolour boy S*Eurovisions Chain of Lights [San Marino 2015] and a blue blue bicolour boy S*Eurovisions Dance You Off [Sweden 2018] and the girl, a blue bicolour S*Eurovisions Je Me Casse [Malta 2021]. The theme for this litter is that all artists have also participated in the Junior Eurovion Song Contest. They are all sold!

S*Eurovisions Chain of Lights, 12 weeks has moved to his family

S*Eurovisions Chain of Lights when he was 5 weeks old

S*Eurovisions Je Me Casse 7 weeks, girl a03. stays

S*Eurovisions Je Me Casse 5 weeks, girl a03, 12 weeks.

Parents of the Jesclitter

S*Eurovisions All of My Love & S*Medina`s Dolls Unicorne

S*Eurovisons Dance You Off, 8 weeks has moved.

S*Eurovisons Dance You Off 11 weeks.

S*Eurovisons Jesclitter 7 weeks old.