S*Eurovisions One Day and SE*Alicendy’s Troy kittens were born 28:th of September 2018. Two girls and one boy. They are all bicolours. The name of the blue bicolour girl is S*Eurovisions Diggiloo [Sweden 1984] and the name of the bluetabby bicolour girl is S*Eurovisions Waterloo [Sweden 1974] and the blue bicolour boy is S*Eurovisions Boogaloo[Sweden 1987]. And the theme of this litter is a little odd theme, all these Swedish songs are ending in "loo"

S*Eurovisions Diggiloo at 5 weeks , sold

S*Eurovisions Diggiloo sold

S*Eurovisions Waterloo, at 5 weeks, is sold

S*Eurovisions Waterloo as 4 weeks old

Parents of the Loo-litter

SE*Alicendy’s Troy och S*Eurovisions One Day

S*Eurovisions Boogaloo, sold

S*Eurovisions Boogaloo, sold

The Loo-litter all together