S*Eurovisions September Golden Rose and NO*Dan Dara´s Cinna have got kittens the 7:th of November 2021. The litter contains of two blue mitted girls and the theme for this litter is from the happy Turkish Pop-group MFÖ. This group participated in Eurovision Song Contest 1985 with the song Didai Didai Dai, which is the name for one of our girls. And in the year of 1988 the participated with the song Sufi which is the name of our second girl.

S*Eurovisions Sufi 8 weeks

S*Eurovisions Sufi 5 weeks

S*Eurovisions Sufi 3 weeks

S*Eurovisions MFOlitter 7weeks

Parents of the litter

S*Eurovisions September Golden Rose & NO*Dan Dara´s Cinna

S*Eurovisions Didai Didai Dai 7 weeks

S*Eurovisions Didai Didai Dai 5 weeks

S*Eurovisions Didai Didai Dai 3 weeks