SC S*Eurovisions Invincible and (N)Catones Compis Of Prince Hjugo kittens was born the 26:th of October 2017. Two girls, a blue tabby bicolour girl S*Eurovisions One Day [Sweden 19891] and a blue tabby mitted girl S*Eurovisions Iki Dakika [Turkey 1991] and the blue tabby mitted boy S*Eurovisions Terminal 3 (Jon Snow)[Irland 1984]. AThe theme of this litter is numbers: One dag, Iki Dakika (means two minutes) and Terminal threee.

S*Eurovisions One Day, 5 weeks old

...S*Eurovisions One Day, 6 weeks old

S*Eurovisions Iki Dakika, 5 weeks old

S*Eurovisions Iki Dakika 6weeks old

Parents of the Numberlitter

SC S*Eurovisions Invincible (Iriz) & (N)Catones Compis Of Prince Hjugo

Number litter 6 weeks old

S*Eurovisions Terminal 3 Jon Snow, 5 weeks old

S*Eurovisions Terminal 3 Jon Snow, 6 weeks old.


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