Word litter

The litter contains of 5 kittens. They were born 6 Februay 2011 and we call them the "Word litter". Their names are as usual from the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The common theme for the kittens is "word" in different languages. The boys are named S*Eurovisions Fiumi di Parole (seal bicolour), S*Eurovisions Sobran las Palabras (blue bicolour) and the girls are named S*Eurovisions Les Mots D´Amour (blue bicolour), S*Eurovisions Millim (blue bicolour) and S*Eurovisions Say a Word (seal bicolour).

Word litter 12 weeks old

Word litter 11 weeks old

Word litter 11 weeks old

Word litter 10 weeks old

Parents of Word litter

Love Angel Eurovision delle Bambole & (N)Diadems Eddie

Word litter 1 day old

Wordlitter at the age of 6 weeks

Word litter 7 weeks old

The girls at the age of 5 weeks


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