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We are Zvezdan and Anneli Memedov and we have a small ragdollbreeding in our home. We live in Gothenburg at the westcoast of Sweden. We bought our first ragdoll for breeding in 2001. And of course we registered our catteryname the same year.

Our present cats are named EC GIC Love Angel Eurovision delle Bambole, CH S*Eurovisions Diamond Of Night, SC S*Eurovisions Invicible, S*Jörgårdens MX Alfa Xbox, IC S*Eurovisions September Golden Rose, S*Eurovisions One Day and S*Eurovisons Verona.

S*Eurovisions Miracle, thank you for the lovely picture Marianne!

S*Eurovisions La Forza, 4 weeks old

Our catbreeding!

We wish our kittens to come to catloving homes. We aim to breed ragdolls of good quality, a good exteriar as well as a good temperament.

Our kittens are registrated in Sverak (FIFe) and are delivered with a pedigree. The kittens are delivered at 12 weeks of age, including two vaccinations, a health certificate and deworming.

We are members of both the Swedish ragdoll club (Ragdollklubben) and Scandinavian Ragdoll Club (SRC) and the Sverak catclub GRK.


We are also certified catbreeders of SVERAK (FIFe)!

If You are interested in any of our planned litters You are most welcome to contact us either by e-mail or phone.

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  • . Roses kittens are here, at the moment none is for sale:)
  • . None of the kittens are for sale at the moment, but her is our litter: see [2018litter]!

S*Eurovisions Fuego, 4 weeks old

S*Eurovisions Toy, 4 weeks old


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