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IC S*Eurovisions September Golden Rose

S*Eurovisions September Golden Rose, is a blue bicolour girl we have kept in our breeding from the Goldenlitter. She is born the 5:th of April 2016. Her zodiacsign is Aries. In our home we call her "Rose". Since her mother is S*Eurovisions Miracle she is our 5:th generation of our breeding. Her father is the gorgeous S*Wihlthos YaMas. Her body is both broad and well developed. She has really nice proportions. She has lovely silky coat texture and deep blue eyecolour with the expression we love. Her bicolourpattern is very attractive. Her favourite place is to sleep where she might find lot of pillows, so in her home she is known as the Queen of the pillows. She got her first Best in Show when she was shown for the very first time.


  • 6*Ex 1
  • 7*NOM
  • 6*BIV
  • 5*BIS
  • Best kitten 2016 in the Scandinavian RagdollClub

S*Eurovisions One Day

S*Eurovisions One Day is a blue tabby bicolour girl. We have been waiting to add a blue tabby girl with excellent eyecolour in our breeding program for over 10 years and One Day is finally here. She has really silky coattexture and also lovely expression. Her body is long and her size is promising. Her V-pattern in the face is very symmetric and she has no dark spots on her legs. Her points have developed really nice. She will stay in the home of Johanna and Bastian. Thank You for taking care of our noble princess dear Johanna and Bastian. She was born in the sign of Scorpio the 26:th of October 2017.


  • Not shown


FIDELIS is a boy from the cattery PL*Raggato in Poland. He is co-owned with our friends Marie and Anthony Bay, S*My Bonnie cattery, where he also lives.

[S*My Bonnie]

It was a nice pleasure to pick him up in Warzaw. As soon as you touch him he starts purring. On the airplane he charmed all the stewards. One of these stewards decided to contact FIDELIS breeder Wioletta. She wanted a charming cat like FIDELIS:) FIDELIS has promising bodylenght and size. His eyecolour is intense blue. We are so happy for this opportunity. Thanks to Wioletta and Przemyslaw for this lovely boy. He will only be used in our and S*My Bonnies cattery due to breederrestrictions. He was born the 25:th of July 2018. His zoodiacsign is Leo. He is our tabbylion:). His petname is Zigge after the Polish prince Zygmunt III who accyually was king of Sweden from 1592-1599.


  • 2*Ex1
  • 2*NOM

CH S*Eurovisions Diamond Of Night

S*Eurovisions Diamond Of Night, "Dimma", is a seal bicolour girl we have kept in our breeding. She is born 17 November 2009. Her zodiacsign is Scorpio. Her mother is our beloved EC Love Angel delle Bambole and father SC Seierös Highlander. She has loving proportions and a silky coat. She has nice points and contrasts. She has also very soft and sweet personality. When You hold her in your arms she is totally relaxed, a real ragdollgirl! Her pedigree is rather unique since her both parents have very few breeding offsprings and both her parents have got the highest showtitle in FIFE, European/Supreme Champion.


  • 1 * CAP
  • 1 * NOM


SC S*Eurovisions Invincible

Invincibles nickname is Iriz. She is blue tabby mitted girl from our own breeding. She has strong qualities and perfect mitted markings. In our opionion she has a strong boning, lovely look and deep blue eyecolour. Her forehead is amazing! She has been very succesfull at shows. She is our first tabbycat with the title Supreme Champion. She is very fun. She always wants to be near her master Zvezdan. Her favouriteplace is close to the computer near Zvezdan. Iriz was born 24:th February 2014 and her zoodiac sign is Pisces


  • BIV RAG 04 21 2015, 2016 and 2018 in SVERAK
  • Best female 2015, 2016 and 2018 in the Swedish Ragdoll Club
  • Best female 2016 in Scandinavian Ragdoll Club
  • Third best category 1 female in SVERAK, the cat of the year
  • 6*PH
  • 2* Ex 1
  • 18*NOM
  • 8*BIS

S*Eurovisions Verona

S*Eurovisions Verona, is a seal colourpoint girl, from our litter ("Citylitter"). She was bornthe 25:th of January 2018 so her zoodiac sign is Aquarius. As her zoodiac sign she is inventive and curious. You never know where to find her. Her grandmother is IC SweetFellows Violette Florine and her grandfather is (N) Wickmannns Djingis Kan. Her fateher is S*Jörgårdens MX Alfa Xbox and mother is S*Eurovisions Lasha Tumbai. She has lovely length of her body, contrasts and promising size. She lives in the home of Åsa Petterson. Thank You for taking care of our sweet Verona.


  • 1* EX 1

GIP EC Love Angel Eurovision delle Bambole

Our dear Angel comes from Italy... In 2002 we contacted Florence Lombardi (Bambole Ragdolls) for a request of a kitten from her cattery. The ragdolls from Bambole have very nice ragdolllook and their pedigrees have many old foundation ragdolls. After three years of waiting, Florence mailed us and said that she finally had a girl for us. Angel was born 11 January 2005 and her zodiacsign is the Capricorn. We are so happy for the blue pearl of our dreams. Thank You Florence for this super girl.

In the Eurovision Song Contest there have been more than one song with the title "Angel"; [Malta 2005] and [Iceland 2001]. Angel is a loveable angel. She is big, has a wonderful silky coat with good contrasts and her temperament is wonderful. Angels bloodgroup is "A". She has given us 15 wonderful kittens. She is now neutered. Our grand old lady loves to be shown so sometime she still visits shows.

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  • 1 * CAPS
  • 4 * HP
  • 9 * Ex 1
  • 9 * BIV
  • 16 * NOM
  • 2 * BIS litter
  • 1 * BIS/Junior
  • 1* BIS/Senior
  • Best Female 2008 (Cat Club Spinn-FIFe)
  • Best Female 2007 (Cat club Spinn-FIFe)
  • Best Junior 2005 (Swedish Ragdollclub)
  • 1 * Favourite of the Audience

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