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GIC S*Eurovisions All of My Love

S*Eurovisions All of My Love is a blue tabbybicolour girl. We call her Mysan. She was born the 28:th of April 2020. Her Zoodiacsign is Taurus. Her father is SE*Alicendys Troy and mother is S*Eurovisions One Day.She is third generation of Eurovision cat. Her grandmother is our most showsuccessfull tabbycat, SC S*Eurovisons Invincible (Iriz). Mysan has loving proportions and a silky coattexture. She has nice points, tabbymarkings and contrasts. She has also a very soft and sweet personality. Her name is after the Maltese Eurovision entry 2020


  • 1*BIV
  • 8*NOM
  • 2*BOX
  • 1*BIS

CH S*Eurovisions Je Suis L'Enfant Soleil

S*Eurovisions Je Suis L'Enfant Soleil also called Leia. She is co-own with our friends My Hjelm and Jörn Vogel, SE * Candy Dolls cattery in Hallstahammar. This is also where Leia lives. Her kittens will be named in our catteryname, S'Eurovisions, but added with the suffix "CD" for Candy Dolls. Leias father is PL * Raggato Helios from Poland and mother is S*Eurovisons Superstar. So she is 7:th generation of Eurovisioncat. Leia is a very dear cat for us since she had a very tough start in life. She was born as the only kitten after a caesarean section and she and her mother Sushi never got the contact required. This is why we had to bottlefeed her from the start, 6 times a day, days and nights. But she is a real warriorprincess and survived. Everyone who meet her find her so charming. Thank you My and Jörn for taking care of our beloved Leia. She was born 2:nd February 2021. Her zoodiaksign is Aquarious



RagiSternchen's Elvis

RagiSternchen's Elvis is born 2021-07-09.He has correct lenght and proportions. His colour and pattern is seal mitted. His size and boning is impressive. He has amazing sapphireblue eyes and his temper is just wonderful. Like his zoodiacsign, Cancer, he is gentle and sweet in temper. We hope that his medium size ears and his good height of fore head will be very helpful for our future litters. We are very happy to welcome him into our cattery. Thank You dear Beate för this gorgeous boy! He is co-owned with our friend Linn Josefsson, SE*Smoonies cattery. Elvis will not be used outside our catteries accept for the breeders we have already promised.


  • 1*CAC
  • 1* NOM
  • Elvis has also been shown in Germany and received CAC and nomination but it was not in our federation FIFe.


IP S*Eurovisions Superstar DVM

S*Eurovisions Superstars nickname is Sushi. She is the daughter of our Rose. She has lovely length of the body and strong boning. Her profile is excellent. She is large, long in body and very broad. She has been very successfull at shows. She was almost nominated every time we showed her, many times in very tough competition. The first weekend she were shown, she was awarded Best in Show both days. She got one daughter, Leia. She is now neutered. We are very happy of her title DVM. Sushi was born 14:th april 2019 and her zoodiac sign is Aries.


  • 11* EX 1
  • 3* CAGPIB
  • 10* BIV
  • 13* NOM
  • 6* BIS
  • 2* BOB
  • Best kitten 2019 in RK

IC S*Eurovisions Je Me Casse

S*Eurovisions Je Me Casse also called Casey.Her mother is S*Eurovisions All of My Love, and her father is S * Medina´s Dolls Unicorne. Casey has inherited very fine qualities from both parents. She has nice length of body, so silky coat texture. Her bicolour pattern is excellent. Her pedigree is very interesting. We are looking forward to follow her development. Casey was born on May 25, 2021. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. In her manner, she is curious, independent and very smart. She is 4:th generation of Eurovisioncat.


  • 6*CAGCIB
  • 2* EX 1
  • 4* BIV
  • 9* NOM
  • 4*BIS

CH S*Eurovisions Didai Didai Dai JW

S*Eurovisions Didai Didai Dai is a blue mitted girl. She is from our last litter from Rose. We love her gentle nature and also her strong quality of bodylength, size and boning. She has silky coattexture. Her cheeks are broad and strong. Her temperament is just amazing, so cool and relaxed. Her showstart was just amazing. BEST IN SHOW both days. She was born in the sign of Scorpio the 7:th of November 2021. She is named after the Turkish Eurovision entry 1985.


  • 1*CACIB
  • 13* Ex1
  • 16* NOM
  • 13* BIS
  • 2*BOB 1
  • 1*BIV

S*Eurovisions Soldi

S*Eurovisions Soldi is born the 13:th of February 2022 in the zoodiacsign Aquarius. Her pattern is blue tabby bicolour. She is, as our Leia, co-owned with our friends My Hjelm and Jörn Vogel, SE*Candy Dolls cattery in Hallstahammar. This is also where Soldi lives. Her kittens will be named in our catteryname, S*Eurovisions, but added with the suffix "CD" for Candy Dolls. Leias father is PL*Raggato Helios from Poland and mother is S*All of My Love. Her temper is amazing as well as her size.


  • 2*EX 1
  • 2* NOM

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